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About ICE Health Systems

ICE Health Systems (ICE) is a web-based practice management system that is all-inclusive and serves multiple specialties. ICE is also designed to serve any practice from the smallest start-up practice to the largest multi-disciplinary enterprise group. The efficiencies found with ICE enable professionals to save time and money, providing professionals and their staff with more time to focus on what matters – their patients.

Our mission is to simplify workflow, enhance patient care and improve success for dental practitioners by delivering a web-based system that is comprehensive, dynamic and high performing.

Why ICE?

  • Cloud Based Practice Management
  • Serves Multiple Specialties
  • A New Dimension of Security, Safety & Reliability
  • Instant Access: From Anywhere, At Anytime
  • Innovative Patient Education System
  • A Complete System To Run Your Clinic
  • Collaborate With Any Doctor, Anywhere, On Any System